Au Bon Climat – Well exposed

By | December 16, 2007

This weekend Coventry City managed to dodge administration meaning a ten point deduction, a likely player exodus and relegation from the Championship. Dodgy dealing has seen chairmen come and go, and as the full horror of the £38m debt was revealed Joe Elliott, retired Coventry car accessories magnate (!) was left holding the baby. The deal was signed with just 40 minutes to spare before the bank pulled the plug, making Joe a local hero.

We raised a glass to celebrate the takeover, despite the worries about where it will take us. Au Bon Climat – meaning ‘well exposed vineyard’, seemed like a sensible choice. We chose Au Bon Climat Chardonnay, 2000 from Santa Ynez Valley.

It smelled rich, oaky and with butterscotch sweetness. Dry with medium acidity the rich, toasty oak dominated, but allowed some caramelized hazelnuts and some melon goodness through, although the fruit felt like it was starting to fade. It was full bodied and stood up well to a rich risotto.

Expect to pay about £17 a bottle at Berry Bros & Rudd – pretty steep really, however this wine compares more realistically to a Burgundy rather than a typical Californian chardonnay.

Let’s all sing together – Play up Sky Blues!