La Croix des Cabustines Chardonnay

By | November 13, 2007

I bought a football club today, well, a piece of one. MyFootballClub agreed to buy Ebbsfleet, a Conference side with prospects. They aren’t terribly local to me. I’ve only been to Gravesend once, to marshal the Tour de France.
Owning a football club is often a sign of obsessed passion, but as I own less than 1/20,000th at the moment, I can afford to lose my stake.
Obsessed passion isn’t always a bad thing. Claude Calix sold his house and lived in a caravan so that he could establish his own winery. His passion shows through in La Croix des Cabustines Chardonnay 2005. It’s a pale gold with strong legs and a rich scent of creamy vanilla and ripe pineapple. Just off dry with a zippy acidity it tastes of toffee apples and cinnamon. The flavour carries on and develops with good fruit and spice.
t tastes noticeably more luxurious than the £5.50 price tag at Laithwaites, making it a great midweek treat.