Sainsbury’s Orvieto Classico

By | November 1, 2007

Whilst watching the fun of a teenage Halloween party going on around us I was challenged to a Halloween wine. Delivered in its costume of a silver ice jacket I was asked to ‘guess the wine’. It was tricky. It was pale with reasonably robust legs. It smelled clean, but with a very low intensity. It didn’t smell of much except maybe a hint of lemon.

The quizmaster considered it a bit too cold, so that may have hidden some aroma. It was bone dry with a crisp acidity. Again there weren’t too many clues as to the wines identity from the flavour. It was a little bit lemony with a slight almond bitterness.

It was Italian, and I thought, probably Tuscan. Beyond that I didn’t have any inspiration. I panicked and opted for Vernaccia di San Gimignano. On reflection it lacked the body I’d expect from that, but ‘guess the wine’ always puts me under pressure.

It was a Sainsbury’s Orvieto Classico 2006. I wasn’t too far away geographically. We polished it off with an M&S fish pie as the teens recycled their Trick or Treat haul by giving their swag to Trick or Treaters as they came by.