£25 off Laithwaites Wine Voucher

By | November 22, 2007

The good people at Laithwaites have struck a deal with Amazon to bring you a £25 wine voucher. I received one with a recent Amazon order. Tucked in with all the marketing gumpf was a coupon offering me £25 off any case over the value of £69.99. All you need to do is order something from Amazon to get one. That’s a really good offer.

Laithwaites don’t stock many of the big brand names you might expect to find on a supermarket shelf. They focus on finding smaller parcels of good value wines, so you have the chance to experiment..

Sorry, this offer has expired, get £40 off Virgin Wines or a half price Naked case instead.

4 thoughts on “£25 off Laithwaites Wine Voucher

  1. Alastair Bathgate

    But then again Laithwaites is about the most expensive UK online merchant. They get away with this, in my opinion, only because of the absolute money back guarantee – no questions asked…or it could be the gullibility of their customers.
    Having said that I do buy from them so perhaps not their most severe detractor and maybe I am gullible too.

  2. GollyGumDrops

    I wouldn’t choose Laithwaites for big brand wines for just that reason, although I do think their ‘off the beaten track’ choices do represent reasonable value, particularly as there’s usually a deal or discount to be found.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, who would you recommend instead of Laithwaites then? I’m very new to buying wine online, and so far have just stuck with them.

  4. GollyGumDrops

    I’ve found Laithwaites to be pretty good in providing random selections of interesting wine. Virgin have a similar money back guarantee. If you want big names and reasonable prices with no surprises then Tesco sell standard brands, you just lose out on some of the magical mystery of ‘discovery’ cases.

    The half way house is Majestic who offer home delivery either free from stores or by mail, selling barnds and interesting oddities. They deliver next day to me – perfect for wine emergencies.

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