When only a beer will do

By | October 27, 2007

I spent the afternoon at Ikea. Despite checking online this morning that my chosen products were in stock, the wardrobe I wanted was sold out when I got there.

I’ve just unpacked a chest of drawers, taking them upstairs piece by piece, ready to build, only to find that they have holes drilled in the wrong places and if I build them they’ll have a six inch overhang allowing me to get at rarely used socks by simply plucking them from the five inch gap at the back of the top surface.

I’m grumpy. I’d bought a Swedish Christmas beer to try out over the festive season. I’m going to drink it now instead. It’s a Spendrups Julbrygd, ¬†from Ikea. When poured it looks a lot like Coca-Cola, it smells malty and slightly burnt. It has a bit of a treacle taste. It packs quite a punch. The alcohol level is 5.3% and it comes in a 500ml can.

I’m going to go and finish it off vegging in front of a film. I will not pick up a power tool.

One thought on “When only a beer will do

  1. Alastair Bathgate

    Bloody IKEA. Prices are bloody great but always out of bloody stock.
    In fairness, despite having made several items of IKEA furniture wrongly (instructions have only pictures and no words), I have never actually found a problem with the parts enclosed. Only problems with my brain, or occasionally bruised thumbs.

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