Vina Maipo Season

By | October 25, 2007

Virgin-Wine-VoucherSainsbury’s have Vina Maipo Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc and Vina Maipo Gran Reserva Merlot on sale again at ‘half price’. It’s reasonable value for a mid week wine at half price, but not at the claimed recommended retail price.

I’ve only ever seen the wine stocked when it’s on half price offer, I’m sure one Sainsbury store somewhere sells it year round to allow the ‘sale’ tag.

Hardy’s Crest tends to use the same marketing ploy. It would be nice to see wine priced more honestly year round.

One thought on “Vina Maipo Season

  1. Rich Ryder

    The Sainsbury’s store must be my local one in Boreham, Chelmsford, since it is invariably at full price. When it is on offer, we fill the garage!

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