Hail To The Victors Valiant

By | October 14, 2007

So England are through to the finals of the Rugby World Cup beating France, in France, to get there. It’s an unexpected bit of success. I missed watching the game as I’ve been in Michigan, but thought I’d celebrate anyway.

We had a Deinhard Beeren Auslese 2004. It was a pale amber colour with a grapey-honey nose and just a little spice. It tasted sweet but not cloying when served well chilled. The honey-grape flavour continues with some over-ripe peach with cinnamon. It finishes well, leaving fruit but not sugar. 10.5% alcohol keeps it quite light.

It was also an unexpected victory, having been found in the 40% off bin at Meijers, reduced from $10 to $6 – that’s £3 for a half bottle – a total steal.

If you do find yourself in SE Michigan next weekend and want to watch England play South Africa on TV it can be done. Scroll down way past the sports channels and into the red light district of the menu, it’s being screened on a nudey channel.