Weight Watchers Riesling

By | September 5, 2007

Cycling had another setback today as Gerolsteiner have pulled out of sponsoring their team. It’s a bit of a blow as it always made flying Lufthansa that little bit more enjoyable when they gave me a bottle of cycling sponsor water. From now it will just be a bottle of water.
If I wanted German and watery I might opt for Weight Watchers Riesling from Tesco. It’s pale, but not interesting. It tastes a little bit like wine. Maybe wine that’s had some grape juice added and then been watered down a bit, perhaps to be given to children. Naughty children, who need to learn the error of their ways.
If wine drinkers need to lose weight then walking to the restaurant or wine shop is a great way to start, working out by carrying wine home could help. Drinking this is not the way to go.