Ser Niccoli

By | August 14, 2007

Browsing through the wine list of my local Italian restaurant we decided to opt for the only wine on it I’d neither tried before or ever heard of. It was Ser Niccoli 1998. From Tuscany. Er, that was it in terms of description – who wouldn’t choose it?

Named for Niccoli Machiavelli with a neat little picture of him on the label, it’s an IGT. It was a thick, rich garnet colour with just a hint of mahogany on the rim.

It smelled of Italian wine – a smidge of balsamic volatile acidity, which faded by the second glass. Under that there was the rich cassis blackcurrants, blackberries and fresh mint of Cabernet Sauvignon. It was full bodied with plenty of flavour that lasted well. My dining companion was impressed that it even tasted good after half a tiramisu, a rare quality in wine.

It was a slightly super Tuscan.