Château Méaume Rosé

By | August 29, 2007

It was GCSE results week in England, and the girls whose results I was waiting on did better than they expected so what better reason is there to crack open a bottle of pink wine (not just for the children – drink responsibly folks).
We had a Château Méaume Rosé 2005 from Bordeaux that I’d picked up from Majestic. It was pleasant enough, but there’s better out there at the price.  If I was a Merlot grape growing up in Bordeaux I think I’d probably have my sights set on being in a big wine.  If I couldn’t be in a big name growth, growing old gracefully in a cellar, popping out to Christie’s every now and then, I’d at least like to be enjoyed with Sunday dinner.
I think if I found myself in a rosé I’d suspect I had wasted my potential.  There’s nothing wrong with being a rosé, rosés bring joy to people worldwide, summer just couldn’t happen without a supply of rosé, but maybe Bordeaux isn’t the place to make them.

One thought on “Château Méaume Rosé

  1. David McDuff

    Don’t forget, Golly, if you’re a Merlot grape in Bordeaux, your juice and a hint of your pigment may have ended up in a vat of rosé but your skin stayed behind with your brethren to help make a “bigger” wine. And of course, not all Bordeaux rosé are created equal. If you’d like to try a pink-ish Bordeaux with a bit more structure, search out a Bordeaux Clairet. Château Turcaud makes a particularly good example.

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