Dogajolo Carpineto Super-Tuscan

By | August 26, 2007

A recent game of Odin’s Ravens was accompanied by a bottle of Dogajolo Carpineto 2005, a young ‘Super-Tuscan’ blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon. Odin’s Ravens has some very pretty artwork on the cards, and Dogajolo Carpineto has an attractive autumnal label. Yes, that is what drew me to it, I am that shallow.
It’s a rich plum colour, deep and warm looking. It smelled of cherries and blackcurrants with a hint of balsamic. Dry with ripe, soft tannins, it had a balanced acidity. The fruitiness dominated, but lurking underneat was a gentle woodiness with a rich coffee-chocolate tone.
13% alcohol felt about right and the flavour lingered well. I suspect this wine would benefit from another year in bottle, when the fruit-chocolate balance may be a little better. I was pleased that the wine lived up to the attractiveness of the label. Expect to pay £6-8 a bottle, I picked it up from Majestic.

One thought on “Dogajolo Carpineto Super-Tuscan

  1. ann

    ohohoh! I got pulled in by that label too here in Brooklyn! I had just about the same reaction, “this could be good, but…” I love your site, thanks so much for stopping by mine and letting me know about you!

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