Gonzalez-Byass Superior Range El Rocio Manzanilla

By | July 25, 2007

It’s been a rough week for the Tour. I’m all in favour of binning Bad Vino, but I’d had such high hopes for the Astana team. Poor old Bradley has been sent home, through no fault of his own, having hauled his ass all the way through the mountains.
I have no confidence at all that the current yellow jersey will make it to Paris untainted.
When life seems to be conspiring against you, there are times when only a Sherry will do. The good people at Gonzalez-Byass have realised that although Manzanilla is wonderful, it doesn’t keep well and not everyone can pack away a bottle at the weekend. I picked up a half bottle of Gonzalez-Byass Superior Range El Rocio Manzanilla, which is a far more practical size.
It was pale lemon, with thick oily legs. It smells of olives and almonds and the seaside. It’s bone dry with a refreshing acidity. Light and fresh with a definite salty tang, it’s refreshing served very cold. At 15% alcohol it carries a kick, but not more than a big Aussie wine.