Ridgeview Fitzrovia Rosé

By | July 4, 2007

Alan Johnston is finally on his way home, so it’s time to raise a glass to reporters everywhere who work hard to bring us the real stories of everyday people living their lives in anything but mundane circumstances at home and abroad.
A bottle of sparkling wine seems sensible, and as it is Wimbledon week, pink fizz is in order. English pink fizz. I’d picked up a couple of bottles of Ridgeview Fitzrovia Rosé 2004 whilst I was in Sussex a few weeks ago, I’d stumbled across a sign to the vineyard on my way back from an unremarkable business trip. It cheered me up, and they let me wander around the vineyards taking photo’s without feeling they needed to call the police or a psychiatrist.
The wine itself is a delicate salmon pink, with assertive bubble and an aroma of strawberries and lemons with a little yeast, rather like a sharp strawberry shortcake. It’s off dry with a firm acidity and persistent bubbles in the mouth. The strawberry flavour continues, but is pushed back by the minerally lemon zing.
I’m told that this is a wine regularly served at British Ambassadors’ parties throughout the world, although I suspect it wouldn’t go well with a Ferrero Rocher. At £20 a bottle it’s not cheap, but some days you just need to splurge.