Le Grand Depart

By | July 7, 2007

The Tour de France has come to England – hurrah! Last night we had some English cheese and French wine to celebrate.
We had a Sainsbury’s Classic Selection Sauternes 2002. It was a beautiful honey colour and smelled of orange and lime marmalade. It was deliciously sweet with a crisp acidity keeping it balanced.
It tasted of more marmalede with honey and nectarines. Not much in the way of cabbage, but yummy nonetheless and for under £9 a half bottle it was reasonably priced. The Blue Vinney was lovely, but pastuerised and lead-free – damned progress!
I’m off down to Kent now to act as a marshal for the first stage of the Tour de France. I’m so excited there’s a more than theoretical chance that I’ll throw up on the peloton!

One thought on “Le Grand Depart

  1. Barbara

    Lucky you. I set the live broadcast to record while I was asleep last night, got up this morning and nothing. Am not speaking to the husband who somehow managed to screw up my recording while he was up watching and flicking between channels of the rugby and rugby league.

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