Peeterman Artois

By | July 21, 2007

Another Belgian victory, another chance to admire Tom Boonen, another struggle with wine choices.

I’m following the lead of German national broadcasters who have decided to pull coverage of this year’s Tour because one of the German riders might have taken performance enhancing drugs. Seems a bit mean of German sports fans, who like me tend to stick to performance impairing drugs, but they said they wouldn’t show the Tour if it was drug-addled so they won’t.

My protest is the lack of people from major wine producing countries winning stages. I got very excited last night as Julian Dean was mentioned in the last few seconds of the sprint, but to no avail. I boycotted wine last night as a result. I opted for beer, Belgian beer of course in honour of Tom – Peeterman Artois. It was good, lighter and zippier than Stella.

Kloden is favourite for today’s time trial. Fortunately for German fans, the Tour is back on TV through the power of advertising revenue.