Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc Stellenboch

By | June 24, 2007
I had a Ken Forrester Chenin Blanc 2006 from Stellenboch, South Africa this week. My host admitted he’d bought it because he’d had a coupon in a magazine, and the write up was good. What better reason to chose a wine!

For ‘coupon wine’ as it quickly became known, it was very good. South African Chenin is often bulk wine, grown at too high a yield in vineyards that are too hot for it, but this was a pleasant surprise.

It had sparky fresh fruit and smooth honey. Bright citrus balances sweet pineapple to make it highly gluggable. 13.5% alcohol feels about right in this off dry yet crisp wine.

Ken Forrester seems like a nice guy. Thanks for the coupon.