Prosecco Frizzante Il Cortigiano

By | June 9, 2007

The weather is wonderful, and it’s the weekend. That doesn’t happen much in England so we tend to take the opportunity to get outside. Italy does afternoon drinking better than anyone else, whereas the Spanish have snacking cracked. We combined the two sitting outside with a selection of tapas and a Prosecco Frizzante Il Cortigiano from Veneto.

It’s lightly sparkling, not a full on spumante, and with 10.5% alcohol it suits the afternoon perfectly. It has a light scent of pineapples with a little honey, peach and blossoms. It’s off dry with a crisp acidity. The fresh fruitiness carries through with a slight peach-stone bitterness balancing the pineapple.

This is refreshing, appetite inspiring, happy wine and on sale from Majestic, fabulous value for summer drinking.

One thought on “Prosecco Frizzante Il Cortigiano

  1. Barbara

    I love a good Prosecco. At 10.5 I can drink more.

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