Radcliffe’s Regional Classics Valpolicella Classico

By | May 27, 2007

So AC Milan are European Campioni, a bit of a poor show with three English teams in the semi finals, but as they lost out despite being the better team in 2005 it seems only fair they take the trophy after a disappointingly dull final.

I had a Radcliffe’s Regional Classics Valpolicella Classico 2005 to celebrate. It was by happy coincidence that this particular wine was made by Pasqua, partner and official supplier to AC Milan. Maybe Inzaghi enjoys a glass.

It’s a deep purple which promises to stain your teeth and table cloth into Milan colours. It’s dry with a high level of acidity and some chunky tannins. It has masses of cherries and plums on both nose and palate, and instantly brings to mind the wine served in tumblers in everyday Italian restaurants. It took me back to Italy and complimented our stuffed peppers and tomatoes wonderfully.

As with many Radcliffe’s Classics this wine is a solid example of the DOC, not outstanding, but just what you’d expect if you turned up at a pizzeria in Verona. It makes perfect sense to have a little burst of Italian style on a rainy weeknight.