Mateus Rose

By | April 12, 2007

Mateus Rose is now available in snack sized bottles. I had some at the weekend, and it took me back in time and space to 1980’s Bournemouth, where Sam’s mini-mart sold bottles cheap and we drank them quick. We used the empty bottles as candlestick holders, light fittings, book ends, and door stops.

It was a cheery pink, just as I remembered it. It smelled of bubblegum and candy floss. It’s medium sweet, with a lively prickle of bubbles, which kinda compensates for the lack of acidity.

It’s fruity, if a little dilute. At 11% alcohol it’s light in modern terms. Chilled to within an inch of it’s life it’s still a fun wine, perfect for picnics and girlie chats. It’s cheap enough to tie a string around and throw in the river to keep cool without worrying about losing it.

I’d describe Mateus Rose as the perfect summer wine for innocent fun, but it’s reported to have been Saddam Hussein‘s favourite wine. There’s something oddly disturbing about that.