Dancing Bull Zinfandel

By | April 15, 2007

I found a bottle of Dancing Bull 2003 Zinfandel lurking in the cupboard under the stairs. This should have been drunk a couple of years ago, but never one to worry too much about sell by dates I gave it a go, along with some Zucchini Parmesan made from veggies that had eat by dates a week old and Parmesan that expired in March.
It was surprisingly good. I’d used a large glass in the tomato sauce, and that worked well. It was a rich garnet colour, and smelled of raspberries and cherries and a slight leatheriness. This was an American Zinfandel, so was just a little sweeter than I’m used to, but not offensively so.
The tannins were ripe and soft. The fruit carried into the palate, boosted by plums, along with black pepper. The finish was quite short.
This was a surprisingly drinkable wine, it’s good value midweek wine to glug alongside your pasta.