Domaine de Peyrat Sauvignon Blanc

By | March 18, 2007

Last Christmas I attended a school carol concert and as well as being given a glass of wine and a mince pie on the way in, I won a bottle of wine on the way out. A better than average school concert for me.

It’s sat in the kitchen, festively adorned with a tinsel necklace since then. As I was seriously lacking in Christmas cheer this weekend I cracked it open. It was a 2006 Domaine de Peyrat Sauvignon Blanc, a Vin de Pays D’Oc from the sunny South of France.

It was a pale lemon with a little tinge of green. It smelled lightly of citrus and fresh green grass. It was bone dry with a crisp acidity. With a medium body and 12% alcohol it was, overall, rather ordinary, which was fine with some rather ordinary pasta.

I wouldn’t choose to buy this wine, it’s standard wine and there’s plenty out there at the same price point which could be better, or for that matter, worse, but I’d take that gamble. This wasn’t a great wine, but it had happy memories, and that made it good.