Three Buck Chuck

By | February 23, 2007

I’d heard a lot about ‘Two Buck Chuck’, so when I found myself in the States driving past a Trader Joe’s I had to stop in. To my horror it was now ‘Three Buck Chuck’, but as that equates to the cost of the tax on a bottle of wine in the UK it’s still an absurdly cheap wine and I needed to try it.
People were loading their trolleys with the stuff and there was Chardonnay, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, but as one of our party only drinks Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc we opted for the Sauvignon. Just the one bottle, I didn’t want to go mad.
So what’s it like?
Bad, very bad. It tastes like it’s the cheapest wine I’ve ever tried, thin and acidic with very little fruit flavour. Our three glasses only had a few sips taken out of them. As polite as we were trying to be, our water glasses were empty. Eventually I cracked – I couldn’t take it any more. We agreed that we could start again with fresh glasses and a fresh bottle of wine.
Three Buck Chuck was a fun experiment. Not one I’d try again. I toyed with using the rest of the wine in a risotto but was voted down. I’m sure the reds would be better.

3 thoughts on “Three Buck Chuck

  1. Edward


    There is something fascinating about the really ordinary. I guess it is why I still enjoy fast food and the occassional can of cola. . .

  2. Sonadora

    I too once felt the need to try this, when it was Two Buck Chuck still, out of morbid curiosity. I have not repeated the experience and I cringe when I hear people talk about how good it is.

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