Statistical Review

By | January 5, 2007

The end of the year seemed a good time to look at the stats for Golly’s Wine Drops. Traffic has grown steadily over my first six months, with most of it coming from the US, with the UK second. I suppose that’s related to population, but sorry if you can’t get the wines I’m getting in England.

My biggest traffic day of the year by a ridiculously big margin was September 22, when the BBC News site linked to my One Web Day entry, causing a major spike in numbers largely from the UK.

The biggest search result was for the Threshers voucher, again, a British phenomenon, which people searched for and then downloaded. Most searchers seem to come here looking for something specific as brand names and specific producers are often searched for.

My poor typing skills seem to be reflected in my readership, with quite a few people coming here because they misspelled a producer, region or grape variety and found that this was the only result with the same misspelling.

The oddest search which baffled me for quite a while was ‘plenty of fish chat’ which gets searched for a lot. I wondered who these people were who were looking to read about people talking about fish, and how disappointed they’d be by wine, but it turns out Plenty of Fish is a dating site offering interactive chat.

For those of you still coming here looking for advice about the itchy watery spots on your bottom – please seek medical advice immediately, wine will not help your predicament.

2 thoughts on “Statistical Review

  1. Sonadora

    Well, perhaps some wine will make them feel better about the itchy spots on their bums? Excellent round-up, does blogger offer a feature that allows you see where your traffic comes from?

  2. GollyGumDrops

    I don’t think blogger does, but I use ‘Google Analytics’ which is free and seems to work OK.

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