By | November 12, 2006

Having cycled through Sauvignon Blanc country for days, arriving in Vouvray gave me a chance to switch to Chenin Blanc for a day. It’s not my favourite variety, but change is good.

I had a 2003 Dominique Baud Vouvray this week from Majestic. It was a rich golden yellow with good legs. It smelled of spicy honey, warm and inviting. It’s off dry, although the honey flavour made it taste a little sweeter. There was some over-ripe melon flavours and tinned pears.

It’s 12.5% alcohol and feels quite rich in the mouth and lasts well. It goes well with light dishes and at around £6 it’s good value for midweek drinking.

One thought on “Va-Va-Vouvray

  1. Christa

    That sounds nummies. Might have to try that when my tummy allows me to drink alcohol again 😀

    Nice blog you’ve got here btw 🙂 Will be bookmarked 😀

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