Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Wine

By | November 23, 2006

The Ashes are here! Whether or not you’re into cricket the Ashes are one of the most important sporting events in the sporting calendar. What other event brings people together in the same way? Each time the Ashes rolls around people in England or Australia dig out their address books and call people they haven’t spoken to for years. To gloat, to tease, to mock. It may not be a traditional way to express love, but it works.

I had a Jacob’s Creek sparkling wine from Sainsbury’s from Australia to kick off the series. It’s an attractive looking wine, bright with plenty of persistent bubbles. It smells yeasty with nuts and ripe fruit. There’s melon, apples and biscuit.

It’s off dry with medium high acidity. It has a creamy mousse and the yeasty marmite carries through with pineapple, baked apples and a floral element.

It’s well balanced with good fruit concentration as well as yeast character. For around £7-8 this is really good stuff. Who knows, there may be plenty around going cheap on the January 7, when Australians have nothing to celebrate!

2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Wine

  1. Edward


    4 for 451 just after lunch and it does not look good for the poms!

    Much too early to gloat, but the English team just does not look as scary as they did the last series (when they won the series).

    I’m thinking an Aussie 4 zip whitewash. . .

  2. jp

    England are quite clearly lulling the Aussies into a false sense of security, ready to unleash havoc when they are least expecting it. It’s classic w-g-gracian behaviour, a la Ashes tour of 1891-92.

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