Marks and Spencer Orvieto Classico Abboccato

By | November 27, 2006

In a cheap and cheerful kind of mood we had a Marks and Spencer Orvieto Classico Abboccato 2005. My 2005 cycle trip to Rome took me briefly into Umbria, but unfortunately not past the fabulous Cathedral at Orvieto.

The wine isn’t as fancy as the Cathedral, but they did used to ship a lot to Rome to gain favours (the people of Orvieto that is). It’s very pale with rather weedy legs. It smells fresh and fruity with a little peach blossom. It’s medium dry, with a correspondingly medium acidity.

It tastes of peaches too, but more like peach stones, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. That said it clears the palate well and so is good with salmon.

At 12% it’s light enough for week night drinking. At under £4 it’s better than you might expect at that price point, offering more character than a generic white wine from a region no more specific than ‘California’ or ‘France’.

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