McGuigan Gold Chardonnay

By | November 21, 2006

Still in something of a chardonnay mood I had a McGuigan Gold 2005 Chardonnay from South Eastern Australia. It’s made by the McGuigan Simeon Wine outfit who are huge and produce on a major industrial scale.

This doesn’t make them bad people, or even make for bad wines. It does tend to mean that you can pick up a similar wine anywhere in the English speaking world. Maybe it’s something to do with Mc. Sadly this McGuigan isn’t related to Barry.

This is good Australian chardonnay from Majestic. It’s full and fruity with some creamy caramel. It’s fresh and had good acidity and works with quite robust dishes. For around £6 a bottle, it won’t give you any surprises, it won’t set angels dancing on your tongue, but it won’t disappoint.