Estampilla Pinot Grigio

By | November 3, 2006

I’m not normally a Pinot Grigio fan, although I have a friend who won’t drink anything else, so I usually have a bottle or two in stock. This one is an Estampilla Pinot Grigio 2005 from the Famatina Valley in Argentina.

It’s a clear, pale yellowy green with reasonable legs. It smells fruity with a good dollop of banana-ry pear drops as well as over-ripe melon. It’s dry with a crisp but not overpowering acidity.

The cool fermentation pear drop taste carries through, along with the melon and some peachiness. It feels rather more full in the mouth than most pinot grigio, but with a sensible 12% alcohol. The fruit carries on for quite a while.

I quite liked this wine, and at under a fiver from  Laithwaites it’s good value. My pinot grigio loving friend found it ‘a bit like artificially flavoured sweets’ and wasn’t a fan, but perhaps that’s way I thought it drinkable.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hy, friend Golly’s,

    I just drink a wine from Farmatinna, oh, so strong, dry and hard, understand?
    Im from Brazil, triend taste all the wine of the world.
    Wymac Uorres

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