De Bortoli’s Show Muscat Liqueur

By | October 19, 2006

Nights are drawing in and it’s time for comfort food, and comfort wine. De Bortoli’s Show Muscat Liqueur from Majestic falls into that category. It’s a dark brown colour, with an amber edge.
It smells of cooked raisins, and a spot of toffee. It’s sweet, very sweet and feels thick and gloopy in the mouth.

It tastes of raisins, dried figs and dates with a touch of coffee (I wonder whether it would go well with muesli?), there’s lots of slightly burnt toffee too. It’s full bodied with a massive wallop of 18% alcohol, which warms and burns.

This wine sells well and has won plenty of awards, but it was just a bit too much for me – too much alcohol, too much sugar, just too much.

You can pick it up for around £8-10, but I’d rather opt for an Oloroso or Vin Santo instead.

2 thoughts on “De Bortoli’s Show Muscat Liqueur

  1. Edward


    Agree that the heat from the 18% cab be a bit much. It does moderate though, with a few days and weeks. It is a style of wine that you can slowly sample over the weeks without any ill effect on the wine.

    It is great on chocolate chip icecream if you are stuck with more wine than you want. . .

  2. GollyGumDrops

    I tried it on chocolate cantuccini, with some creme fraiche and grated dark chocolate. It’s a pretty good ingredient, thatks Edward!

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