Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf du Pape

By | October 15, 2006

I had a delightful  Domaine du Vieux Telegraphe Chateauneuf du Pape 2001 at the weekend, from Berry Bros & Rudd. The vineyard stands on the site of one of France’s first telegraph stations, which is quite sweet. I do hope it doesn’t have a mobile phone mast instead now.

It’s clear and bright with a beautiful ruby colour that slowly fades out, slowly becoming more mahogany towards the edge. It smells like it’s steadily developing, with a rich herby streak and some sweet, spicy black fruits.

It’s dry with balanced acidity, and lovely ripe, soft tannins. The herby character continues with thyme and sage, it almost tastes like the grapes were gathered whilst a fresh breeze blew over from a kitchen garden (enough with the flowery, romantic guff ).

There is some meatiness, as well as plums, strawberries and some coffee. 14% alcohol gives it quite a hit.

I loved this wine on its own, but I’m sure that it would go wonderfully with Provencal dishes. It tastes divine now, and I’m sure it will be fine for a couple of years yet.

At around £28 a bottle, it’s not cheap, but it’s worth it for an occasional treat.

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    This is one of the French wines that I like. A great table wine with flavorful provincial dishes!

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