Ay Yalumba!

By | October 2, 2006

Yalumba’s Y Series 2005 Viognier comes from Australia’s oldest family owned winery, in South Australia. I often hear that people choose New World wines over European ones because the names are easier to say. This may be an exception.

Yalumba have pioneered the use of screw-tops on wines so it’s not surprising that this has one. The wine is a bright yellowy green with thick legs. It smells fresh and floral with juicy tropical fruits. It’s dry with a medium acidity, and lots and lots of fruit. It tastes of peaches and peach stones with lemons and limes and something floral.

It has a long finish which seems to finish with ginger and lychees, which is a pleasant surprise. At 14.5% it certainly packs a punch. I picked this one up from Majestic for £7, which was reasonable value I’ll try the 2006 when it shows up here.


One thought on “Ay Yalumba!

  1. Dezel


    I also tried this a few weeks back and truly enjoyed it. For $10 it was indeed everything you said, and for the price what more could one ask for.

    The following week I tried a South African selection (Brampton 2005)for a little more that was just as nice. But beware, it shows 15.5% alcohol (???)

    Love your reviews, especially the ice wines!

    Happy Sipping!


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