Tesco Wine

By | September 21, 2006

Tesco is huge. £1 in every £3 spent in supermarkets in the UK is spent in Tesco. That’s a lot of cash. They operate 2,300 stores in 13 countries and are expanding into China.

£1 in £8 of UK spending goes through Tesco.

They’ve moved away from their original “Pile it high, sell it cheap” mission, offering expensive ‘gourmet’ products alongside their value range. They have such power with their suppliers that they can demand offensive discounts, and insist that suppliers foot the bill for twofer promotions.

You can buy £2.99 a litre ‘Value Red Wine’ in a plastic bottle, alongside £100 Penfolds Grange in the wine aisle. That means choice for the consumer, but only within the ranges they stock. To be in one of those ranges, you have to produce a lot of wine cheaply and be willing to play ball.

Tyrells, a potato chip manufacturer, recently requested that Tesco stop stocking its products, which they’d acquired through a wholesaler, because it was damaging to their independent retailers, and damaging to their brand.

If you want to enjoy shopping for wine and learn more about it, support your local independent. If you want to have fun, save money and try some new and interesting wines try Majestic. If you want to get drunk try your local off licence. Give somewhere other than a supermarket a go now and then and see what happens.