Say it loud, say it proud

By | September 16, 2006

I went to dinner with a group of colleagues this week. A fun evening in a Chinese restaurant, with far too much food. Most of us were driving and there was a good mix of red, white, pink wine and beer drinkers so we opted not to order by the bottle. I started out with tonic water, my soft drink of choice, but whilst our waitress ripped up a duck carcass before my very eyes, I ordered a Tio Pepe. I’d been surprised to see it on the menu, served by the glass, and it seemed an ideal choice.

The hilarity this caused at the table was as surprising as it was embarrassing. Everyone had some ‘old person’ joke to make and people enquired as to whether I’d need to shoot home early to feed my cats or finish my knitting (yes I knit, no I don’t have cats). No other drink, except perhaps Campari, causes so much ridicule.

OK, so when my sherry arrived it was in a sake glass, it was warm, and it was well past its drink-by date, but I drank it with pride.

My name is Golly, and I’m a sherry drinker!

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