Vouvray Domaine Bourillon-Dorléans.

By | September 11, 2006

West of Orleans, east of Tours, north of the Loire is the town of Vouvray. I could see it, across the river from Ville-Aux-Dames, a town a chose to mis-translate as the Village of the Damned as I struggled to find something to eat and to navigate my way through main roads and industrial estates whilst semi-naked on a bike. OK, so I was wearing enough Lycra to cover important body parts, but that doesn’t feel very protective whilst articulated lorries thunder past.

Vouvray looked altogether nicer, and provided nicer products. I picked up a Vouvray 2003, Domaine Bourillon-Dorléans from Majestic. It’s a Decanter Gold Medal winner so proper wine drinkers like it! It has a handy foil tearer, but a nasty black plastic cork, which urges you to visit their website.

The wine is clear, bright, pale lemon with thick legs. It has a light aroma of peach blossom and a little citrus fruit.

It’s medium, squarely medium, not too sweet, not too dry, but juuuust right. It has a well balanced acidity, with an element of minerality which helps it hang around. The wine feels rich and pleasantly full in the mouth, with the peach flavour turning to fruit rather than blossom. There’s a touch of honey and some spiciness on the length which keeps it interesting. It feels a little stronger than the 12.5% quoted, but is well balanced.

This wine is good value at around £7 from Majestic, another Decanter winner. It will probably keep a couple of years, getting better, but I’m not sure I have the self-discipline to keep it – next time I make seafood risotto, or have a fish pie, I think I’ll drink the second bottle.