JP Chenet ‘Terroirs’

By | September 19, 2006

JP Chenet is an interesting brand. It’s worked hard to promote French wine outside France, waving goodbye to Piat D’Or in the rearview mirror of their sales figures as it became the world’s best selling French wine brand. Largely they’ve done this by having a slightly silly bottle, varietal labelling, economy pricing and supermarket friendly promotions policies. If you didn’t know better you’d think they were a New World producer.

Their ‘Les Terroirs’ range moves them away from this approach very slightly. The bottle is still a little silly – fat with a dimple, and my bottle of 2005 Touraine is clearly labeled Sauvignon Blanc. This is a nice touch, gradually introducing the concept of terroir to wine buyers who know they like the brand, and know they like the grape, are ready to shell out a couple of extra quid, but don’t want to waste it on something they may not like.

It’s not a bad wine. It’s certainly not the best I’ve had from the region, but at around £6 it’s certainly reasonable value. It has the characteristics of the region, it’s refreshingly zingy with a mineral acidity, it has a little elderflower and plenty of citrus.

I’d certainly give another JP Chenet ‘Terroirs’ wine a try.

3 thoughts on “JP Chenet ‘Terroirs’

  1. Travel Italy

    I was going to say, “hey at 6 Euro why the fuss” then I thought even on the table wines Raffaella and I are very critical. What can I say, even in a mass wine it can be good!

  2. GollyGumDrops

    There’s plenty to choose from in the low cost wine zone, so good value still matters – even on a budget people should be able to enjoy good wine (and beer!). The prices here are still in Bitish Pounds – I suspect it will be a while til we sign up to Euro’s – so £6 is about 9 Euro or US $11.

  3. stuart

    have to say that i didn’t particularly enjoy the JP Chennet Cabernet-Syrah…

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