Domaine Cauhape Jurancon Ballet d’Octobre

By | August 2, 2006

Last night I had some delicious crumble, made from the last of the garden harvest. I chose a Domaine Cauhape Jurancon Ballet d’Octobre 2003 to go with it. It’s a sweet wine made in the south of France.

The wine itself is a gloriously honeyed colour, with thick legs. It smells of pineapples and apricots, with a sweet hint of noble rot. It’s sweet, with a good crisp acidity which keeps it drinkable. There’s more dried crystallised fruit, with nectarines and lychees coming through along with honey.

My dining companion guessed he was drinking Sauternes, then Barsac, impressive guesses for a wine that cost me £6.50 for a half bottle. It is made with some care by Henri Ramonteau. The Gros Manseng grapes are chosen individually, starting in October, but often carrying on well into the winter to ensure perfection.

I’d recommend this wine with any dessert or served cold on its own on a sunny afternoon. It’s drinking well now, but will keep so if you see some, stock up.

One thought on “Domaine Cauhape Jurancon Ballet d’Octobre

  1. Dezel

    Sounds wonderfully delicious! Is this a Late Harvest wine, or is there slight Noble Rot affecting the bunches to produce this golden gem?

    Happy Sipping!


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