Robertson’s Almond Grove Noble Late Harvest Riesling

By | July 13, 2006

This evening I tried a South African Almond Grove Noble Late Harvest Riesling 2003 from Robertson Winery. It’s been lying around since Christmas, when Matthew Jukes recommended it as one of 2005’s 250 Best Wines, and, more importantly in trusted recommendation terms, the nice man at Majestic in Leicester told me to buy some so I did.

I was in a bit of a sweet wine phase at the time, which passed, but it’s coming back. We had Eton mess for pudding so the Almond Grove seemed a good match.

It’s a gentle golden colour, almost like honey. It has quite a heady scent of peaches and apricots, with plenty of honey. Its sweet with a reasonable amount of acidity to cut through it. The honey, peaches and apricots really come alive, and there is a touch of nuttiness, but there’s also an odd medicinal flavour that reminds me of Lockets or Strepsils, not in a really unpleasant way, just a little strange.

I enjoyed a glass, but I think a second would be too rich, although with 10.5% alcohol it wouldn’t send me to sleep.

At around £6 for a half bottle, I’d recommend Robertson’s Almond Grove Noble Late Harvest Riesling with fruity puddings,  like a gooseberry crumble or peach pizza.

2 thoughts on “Robertson’s Almond Grove Noble Late Harvest Riesling

  1. Mal

    I like dessert wines too – but like you one glass is almost always enough!

    I must say (parochially, of course) that the Noble One Botrytis Semillon is one of my favourites. How much does it retails for in the UK? (I take it you are from the UK?)

  2. GollyGumDrops

    I’ll look out for it and repost back. I think it’s around £15 a half bottle.

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