Deinhard Lila Riesling Brut

By | July 4, 2006

Germany has the highest consumption of sparkling wines per head of population in the world, but it’s not easy to find examples of German sparklers outside the country.

Deinhard have been making sparkling wines for 100 years and their

Ripe grapes of Riesling.

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is their flagship. It’s 100% Riesling from Rhine and Mosel. It comes in a champagne style bottle, with unfortunate labels and closure which make it look cheap. At around £6.99 it is, sort of, if you compare it to Champagne, but perhaps not if you compare it with Cava or New World ‘bubbly’.

It’s bright and light with plenty of fizz. It has mousse style fizz rather than more aggressive lemonade bubbles.

It smells clean with some hints of blossom and just a little yeastiness. It’s very dry with a crisp acidity. It’s quite light in body with plenty of bubbles on the tongue, almost like pouring too much sherbet powder in you mouth at once. There’s apple blossom and lemon and something not quite nice, almost like orange juice after you’ve brushed you teeth, but it’s not overwhelming.

At 12.5% it’s what you’d expect from generic bubbly in the alcohol department.

Deinhard Lila is fine as cheap-ish bubbles go. If you’re looking for something to make Bucks Fizz with, or to add Cassis to, this would be OK, but I wouldn’t choose it ahead of Cava to drink alone or with oysters (or my favourite, fresh cockles).

If Italy win tonight I’ll mix in some peach nectar and enjoy a Bellini instead.

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