Dr L Riesling 2005

By | July 8, 2006

So Germany take on Portugal in a World Cup game neither wanted to play. I’ve opted for an affordable, everyday German wine. I ‘d thought about having one wine from each team, but decided against it as I’ve just had the sofa cleaned and was concerned that if I held the glass of German wine too close the Portuguese glass would fall over.

So it’s a Dr L Riesling 2005 from Tesco for me. Dr Ernie Loosen is one of the best commercial wine brands coming out of Germany at the moment. They’re making consistently good, attractive, drinkable wines. Dr L is their entry level range. The fruit isn’t all from their own vineyards, it’s some leftovers blended with fruit bought on the open market.

The bottle is approachable with no scary-German typeface on it and it has a screwcap. It’s a very pale green, and attractively bright. It smells fresh and youthful with some stone fruit and apply crispness.

It’s off dry with refreshing acidity, although there’s a hint of sweetness from the volume of fruit. It’s a light bodies wine and low in alcohol at just 8.5%, making it perfect for midweek drinking with dinner. There’s plenty of peaches, nectarines and fresh apricots, as well as a little zip of lemon. There’s a mineral tang to the acidity which keeps it fresh and palate clearing.

At around £5-6 this is a well made, good value wine. It’s easy to see why Decanter chose Dr Loosen as their man of the year. My only concern is that this could get expensive if I start to work my way up the Dr Loosen range. I guess I’m lucky I tried it for Germany’s last game.

4 thoughts on “Dr L Riesling 2005

  1. Vegetables Go Off

    Good description of the wine there, if I see a bottle of the Dr. L I may just try one.

    The next game should be interesting (Italy and France). I’ll have to come back and read your next entry.

    I like your blog 🙂 thanks for your comment on mine.

  2. T. Willie

    Good call on that sofa ;-)Sometimes those guys are such drama queens.

    Being more of a beer kind of girl, I have a question about wine descriptions: I recently saw a wine and part of the description included words like “undertones of dirt and asphalt”. It was in a store…how do they know that that’s what it tastes like, and why do they put stuff like that on the tag? It sounds nasty. And seems like bad marketing, besides. Or is it just that I’m a wine heathen? Thanks.

    Of course, the wine’s you describe make me actually want to give it another go 🙂

  3. GollyGumDrops

    Dirt and asphalt does sound an unpleasant drink although some people go out of their way to get unpleasant tastes. Pinotage is supposed to taste like burning tyres. A lot of French wines work hard to taste of ‘earth’, Burgundian pinot noirs are often proud of tasting like manure. You’d pay $100’s for a Sauturnes that really tasted of boiled cabbage.

    That said, they’re not the only flavours, it’s about balancing them with other things. I’m not keen on actual boiled cabbage, but I love Sauturnes.

    It’s safe to say wine makes no sense, but the more you try the more you find out what works for you!

  4. Bill

    Love the Dr Loosen Reislings as well! really accurate description Golly.

    t willie, I think a lot of writers simply wish to impress us rather than pass along useful information 😛

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