yellow tail Chardonnay

By | June 22, 2006

So USA are out and as I type it looks like Australia are going too. That’s a lot of vineyards out of the World Cup! Tonight I chose an Australian yellow tail Chardonnay 2004, a wine I’ve had a lot in the USA but only spotted recently in the UK.

yellow tail have what the contributors to the European wine lake don’t – a really strong brand. They now produce a wide range of wines, all of which are easily recognised by consumers, with clear and informative labels.

They also use plastic corks, which are cute because the have little kangaroos printed on, but rubbish as they take an age to pull and even longer to get off the corkscrew.

It’s a rich yellow colour, and it looks summery. It has an intense hit of oak on first sniff, and second sniff, and third. This wine has dollops of American oak with toasty coconut scent. It doesn’t come from a barrel though. There’s some tropical fruit but it’s difficult to get at beyond the vanillin.

It’s dry with a medium acidity and quite a full body. The sweet coconut of the oak carries through to the palate. There’s a hint of nectarines and maybe some over-ripe melons lurking under a woody lid.

At 13.5% alcohol it’s creeping towards high, but not overpowering, the flavour is long and rich. It’s ready to drink now and won’t get better so drink it within six months.

It’s probably best suited to food, and would stand up well to most seafood and chicken, even with quite rich sauces. I’m sure it would be really good with macaroons, but I don’t have any, which is a shame.

One glass on and Australia are back in the game – I’m available for contract drinking if you want to put a bet on.