Biddenden Gribble Bridge Schonberger

By | June 25, 2006

England take on Ecuador today and the English newspapers will no doubt be disappointed in their performance no matter what they do.

If you want to experience disappointment try Biddenden’s ‘ Gribble Bridge’ Schonberger 2004. It’s made in Kent so it’s English regional wine. I tried it ahead of today’s game. It’s pale to the point of transparency, with vague grape aromas. It’s dry and overly acidic. As for taste, I really struggled to identify anything at all. I left it for a while hoping oxygen may help. It did a little, with some green apple and a little lemon coming through. It’s worth serving it at cellar temperature rather than chilled to get some flavour. My drinking companion described it as being “a bit like a cheap own brand version of Ame”.

It’s 11% alcohol, so quite light, but not easy drinking as that’s all you can taste.

I hope England’s football performance is better. I’ll be drinking wine from elsewhere in Europe.