Tesco Vina Clara Frascati 2005

By | June 29, 2006

Germany play Argentina tomorrow afternoon, but I’m too excited to think about it, so it’s an Italian wine for me. I cycled to Rome last year and my first meal was pizza and Frascati.

Frascati is one of those difficult wines that tastes great in Lazio and absolutely fabulous if you can see St Peters or the Colosseum, but really rather dull anywhere else. I’ve searched for something that brings back that taste, and in doing so have tasted some really bad Frascati.

Tesco’s Vina Clara Frascati 2005 contains grapes I cycled past so I may be a little biased. It’s clear and bright and a very pale lemon colour. It smells fresh and inviting with youthful grape aromas and a hint of blossom. It’s dry and very crisp, really clearing the palate. It has a light body and good, fresh, fruit. There’s lots of citrus, lemon with just a little orange. Some crisp apple sits alongside a touch of melon. It’s made with Trebbiano and enough Malvasia del Lazio to give it good flavour.

Frascati is perfect served very cold with light pasta and shellfish. It’s scrummy with Gnocchi alla Romana, and this Tesco’s version may not take you back to Rome, but it’ll make you want to go.