Argento Malbec

By | June 16, 2006

Argentina look like they’re going to go far this year, and Argento Malbec 2005 is the only Argentinean wine in the kitchen at the moment, so here goes.

Another annoying plastic cork, with no good reason for not having a screwcap. Argento Malbec is a thick, dark wine, almost black, but you can see the purple lurking in it at the edge. Think teenage Goth’s nail polish. It smells big, there’s dark fruit, plums and blackberries, slightly stewed but not quite jammy.

Argento is dry with good acidity, it feels full and warming in the mouth. The flavours are of dark rich fruits and brambles, but also some spice, like cinnamon. There’s a hint of sweet oak too, but it’s not overwhelming.

At 13% is middle of the road, but it feels slightly stronger. This is a carefully made wine that’s well worth the £5 you’ll pay at most supermarkets and off licenses. It is perhaps better suited to winter drinking when its warmth would really show through, but it could hold its own at any barbecue, even up against burnt sausages.

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  1. Anonymous

    Dear ,

    I´ve red your comments on the Argento Malbec 2005 and we appreciate them, the positives and the others too. They help us a lot in getting the right road to improve our wines.

    Just two comments: please be prepared for some awesome launch within the next months, that nice surprise will come with screwcap in 2007.

    Cheers, Leandro (AWC)

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