Cliff Richard’s Vida Nova Tinto

By | June 28, 2006

No football tonight, but there is tennis. I have to admit tennis bores me, but it does make me think of Cliff Richard  and as he appears on The F Word tonight dissing his own wine I dug out my tasting note of Vida Nova Tinto 2004. To be fair to Cliff any everyday wine will taste less good after an outstanding one.

My sister was a big Cliff Richard fan (a source of constant amusement) and I’d read great things about Vida Nova, which surprised me, so I looked forward to a glass. At £8 a bottle it is a little steep for an Algarve wine, the label is a bit naff, but that’s hardly a reason to dismiss it.

It’s a deep, intense, purple colour, with reasonable legs. There’s some cooked fruit and smokiness on the nose and perhaps a little balsamic. It’s dry and acidic, with some tannin, but not as much as I’d expected . The fruit is cooked, over cooked. It took me a while to identify the exact flavour I tasted, but it was beetroot. Who wants a wine that tastes like over-cooked beetroot.

Vida Nova is made from a curious mix of fruit from different vineyards, based I think on what they can get away with selling.

This isn’t a wine I’d buy again, even at the £4 it would be more realistically sold for. At £8 it’s racketeering, I’d rather spend my money on a CD, but maybe not one of Cliff’s.