Foil cutter – necessity or affectation

By | May 15, 2006

So you’ve got a bottle of wine, and it’s got a cork, so you need a corkscrew. It’s got a capsule, so do you need a foil cutter, or is that just pompous?

I used to be firmly in the foil cutters are a pointless waste of space category. Fiddly little things that would be thrown in a drawer and never re-surface. What’s the point? You can cut a foil with a knife or the point of the corkscrew. Then I got one.

I wanted a Screwpull Corkscrew, and TJ Maxx had a great deal on a job lot of gift sets, so I bought one with a free foil cutter included.

I hadn’t realised what a pain opening capsules was until the hassle went away. I haven’t poked myself in the hand or cut myself for ages. Foils are neatly cut, and drips have been reduced. OK, so it hasn’t changed my life, but it’s a great product.

Other foil cutters come in cheaper, but I haven’t tried them. I’d be interested in your recommendations.